Bricka - Art of Love

225 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Art of love
Färgstark frukostbricka med den här texten om kärlek tryckt på baksidan:

"Anyone can fall in love, but to stay in love is the greatest form of art. It takes passion, devotion and strength, not just from one artist, but from two! So if you are blessed with love, in whatever shape it comes, keep in mind that it is a treasure. Be proud of it and make it the masterpiece of your life. If you stumble along the way – don’t worry. That’s simply part of the art: To stumble and fall… in love all over again."

Brickan är tillverkad på Öland av formpressad björk och tål maskindisk.
Design Maria Holmer Dahlgren, text Malin Nordström.
Storlek: 27x20 cm